Aluminium bending

Aluminium plays an important role in today's architecture and industrial design. It is relatively light and has excellent formability. Curved aluminium cladding and façades are not only increasingly being chosen within architecture. However, but within the engineering, medical, automotive sector, for example, bent aluminium profiles have become indispensable. From a visual and functional point of view, curved aluminium has become essential.

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In a world of rapid technological developments, it is important to respond quickly to market demand. With over 55 years of experience, Kersten knows like no other how to handle this. Furthermore, as leader in bending technology, Kersten frequently contributes to new technological developments.

Besides the cold bending of aluminium standard and extrusion profiles we also offer various additional processes such as 5 axis machining, qualified welding and surface and heat treatments. We are your partner when it comes to bent aluminium components and semi-finished products.


Aluminium standard profiles, customer specific extrusion profiles and sheets are expertly bent and machined by Kersten. The bent semi-finished products are used worldwide for various applications.

Below is an overview of the markets in which Kersten is active:

Kersten Europe aluminium architecture

Art and design structures

Machinery constructions

kersten europe aluminium conveyor belt

Supply chain systems

kersten europe aluminium medical equipment

Medical devices

Automotive / transport

curved facades



Aluminium bending video

Preview - Aluminium factory at Kersten in The Netherlands

Aluminium bending video

Aluminium bending at Kersten

Stretch bending

Stretch bending (animated video)

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