Bending technology

Kersten Europe aluminium bending

Aluminium extrusions contain various built-in features, such as openings, screw channels, and cooling fins. During the bending process, force is exerted on the complex cross section can become distorted. We make sure that distortion is limited to an absolute minimum so that functions are not lost. Curved aluminium profiles also have an aesthetic function, whereby the surface quality is crucial. Attention to the process and the use of special tooling guarantee maximum protection of the surface. 

There are various methods for bending aluminium. The most suitable technique depends on: the cross section of the profile, the desired radii, the bending direction, the alloy and the hardness condition of the material.

To deliver the best quality, Kersten has a modern and advanced machine park. Our team of experienced staff bends and processes aluminium in special non-ferrous production facilities. Kersten masters the following bending techniques:

Aluminium roll bending

In most cases, roll bending is the most flexible and cost-efficient bending method. A profile is guided between three adjustable bending rolls and gradually bent in the desired radius. 

Roll bending is the ideal bending method for profiles with complex designs and different radii. Kersten has become specialized in 3D roll bending

Stretch bending

Stretch bending originated within the aviation industry, but it is now also widely used for architectural, machinery, and automotive applications. During stretch bending, the profile is gripped firmly on both ends. The machine stretches the profile and pulls it around a bending mould.

The constant tension on the profile limits deformation of the cross section to an absolute minimum. Stretch bending is highly suitable when high demands are made regarding the profile's surface quality.

Mandrel bending

Bending relatively thin-walled profiles in a very small radius increases the risk of cracks and wrinkles. This is prevented by mandrel bending. Mandrel bending is accurate, fast, and guarantees a constant quality. It is highly suitable for medium to large series productions.


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