Aluminium bending capacities

aluminium buigen capaciteiten

Both standard (5000, 6000) and special alloys (7000 among others) and different tempers (eg. T4 and T6) can be bent.

Kersten's machine park is equipped with advanced bending machinery to bend series varying from 1 to 20,000 and up.


Standard and system profiles

Kersten can bend almost any standard profile. We also bend system profiles of e.g. Raico, Reynaers, Schüco, and Wicona.


Client-specific extrusion profiles

Extrusions provide great freedom in profile design. In client-specific extrusions, we can advise you when designing the profile. We work with you to develop a profile section that is optimally adapted to the bending process while maintaining technical and aesthetic requirements.


Plate material

Based on a standard EN-AW5000 alloy, we roll your aluminium plates with a width of 3,500mm into cylinders, shells, or cones.


Contact our aluminium specialists for more information 

  • bent extrusions
  • Alu rolling
  • alu tent profiles
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