Monday 29 January 2018

Bending a complex profile with high surface quality

For a prestigious building project in Germany Kersten bends a big aluminium façade profile in a small radius. It concerns a complex aluminium profile with glass fiber reinforced polyamide. The profile measures 255mm x 27.5mm and is curved over the strong axis in a radius of 1.3 meter. Additional challenge is the application. The bent profiles are visible parts of a façade construction. The demands for surface quality are very high.

Kersten bends the profiles with advanced stretch bending technology and special tooling. The stretch bending machine grips the profile firmly at both sides. The machine stretches the profile and pulls it around a bending mold. The tension on the material ensures that deformation of the cross section is limited to an absolute minimum. There is just minimal contact between the profile and the machine causing to affect the surface. The surface of the curved profile is in good condition. An additional surface treatment is not required and the profile can be anodised right after the bending process.

Are you working on a project with curved parts? Please contact us and let us collaborate with you to obtain the best results.

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